Special HTML character entities for symbols

 html code: Standard space character, separator
 Thin space character
html code: A bit wider space character
 Wide space character
html code:—Long minus, long dash, hyphen, &#8212
⁄Fraction slash, solidus character
Just some
html code:…Ellipsis, ellipses, three dots, etc, etcetera, et cetera, many dots, dot-dot-dot, dot dot dot. Alt code: 0133
æhtml code:æAsh tree, aesc, ae, ea
&&And sign
°html code:°Degree sign
№Number sign, &#8470
html code:™Trade mark sign
©©Copyright sign
®html code:®Registered sign
@@Dog, At sign, &#64
html code:†Dagger, cross, &#8224
‡Double-sided dagger, double dagger, &#8225
§html code:§Paragraph, section sign
##Number sign, sharp character, &#35
μhtml code:μMu sign
ΘΘGreek capital theta sign
¤html code:¤Current sign, coin sign
<html code:&lt;Tag opening, less than sign, angle quotes
>&gt;Tag closing, more than sign, angle quotes
[html code:&#91;Square opening brace, &#91
]&#93;Square closing brace, &#93
(html code:&#40;Left parenthesis, round opening brackets, comment starting, &#40
)&#41;Right parenthesis, round closing brackets, comment ening, &#41
{html code:&#123;Left curly brace, &#123
}&#125;Right curly brace, &#125
html code:&prime;Standard quotation marks, prime sign
"&quot;Quotation (Citate) marks sign
html code:&lsquo;Opening quotation mark sign, &#8216
&rsquo;Closing quotation mark, apostrophe sign, &#8217
html code:&lsaquo;Citate opening sign, angle quotes
&rsaquo;Citate closing, angle quotes
«html code:&laquo;Guillemets, rewind, angle quotes open sign
»&raquo;Guillemets, fast forward, angle quotes cloe sign
Currency symbols
$html code:&#36;USD, Dollar sign, Bucks sign, &#36
&euro;EUR, Euro sign, &#8364
£html code:&pound;GBP, English, Pound sign
¥&yen;JPY, Yen sign
¢html code:&cent;Cent sign
Cards game signs
html code:&loz;Rhombus, Rombus, Lozenge card character
&diams;Diams card character. In notepad: Alt + Num Pad 4 with Num Pad 'unlocked'. ALT + #4
html code:&spades;Spades card character. In notepad: Alt + Num Pad 6 with Num Pad 'unlocked'. ALT + #6
&clubs;Shamrock, Clubs card character. In notepad: Alt + Num Pad 5 with Num Pad 'unlocked'. ALT + #5
html code:&hearts;Valentine, love, Hearts card character. In notepad: Alt + Num Pad 3 with Num Pad 'unlocked'. ALT + #3
Arrow characters
html code:&crarr;Carriege return, cursor point to begin, new line, line break
&larr;Left arrow
html code:&rarr;Right arrow
&harr;Two-sided arrow, double-sided arrow, double sided arrow
html code:&uarr;Up arrow
&darr;Down arrow
html code:&lArr;Left double arrow
&rArr;Right double arrow
html code:&hArr;Two sided double arrow, double sided double arrow
&dArr;Down double arrow
html code:&uArr;Up double arrow
Frequently used maths signs
Δhtml code:&Delta;Change, triangle up, delta character
&nabla;Nabla character, triangle down, harp, upside-down delta, upside-down triangle
ƒhtml code:&fnof;Function sign
π&pi;Pi sign
±html code:&plusmn;Plus-minus, plus minus
÷&divide;Divide, devide, calc divide sign
×html code:&times;Times, multiply sign, calc multiply
¹&sup1;First degree of the polynomial, 1-st degree sign
²html code:&sup2;Second degree of the polynomial, 2-nd degree, square sign
³&sup3;Third degree of the polynomial, 3-rd degree, cobe sign
½html code:&frac12;Half, division by 2, devision by 2, 1/2 sign
¼&frac14;One Forth, division by 4, devision by 4, 1/4 sign
¾html code:&frac34;3/4 sign
Maths symbols
html code:&le;Less or equal, less-equal, not more sign
&ge;More or equal, more-equal, not less sign
·html code:&middot;Middle dot, bullet, interpunct. In notepad: Alt + Num Pad 7 with Num Pad 'unlocked'. ALT + #7 (reversed colors - #8)
&prod;Product, multiply function
html code:&sum;Sum, summary, altogether, sigma sign
&minus;Minus, small hyphen
html code:&radic;Square root, Yes, Accepted
html code:&ang;Angle
&sim;Similar, approximate sign
html code:&isin;Is in, in set, inside
Symbols from advanced maths
html code:&prop;Proportional
&asymp;Asymptotic, similar, approximate sign
html code:&int;Integral
&forall;For all, Forall, every
html code:&exist;Exists sign, at least one
&part;Part of
html code:&empty;Empty, latin o slash. Ø - &Oslash;
&notin;Not in set sign
html code:&cap;In both sets
&cup;Summarize sets, summary set
html code:&permil;Permil, per mile, permile, promille
&there4;Therefore sign
html code:&perp;Perpendecular, 90 degrees

All characters are supported by Firefox browser. * Some (mostly of advanced maths) characters aren't supported by a few versions of Internet Explorer.

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