HTML entity codes of Special Text characters

To put a text char or symbol into your HTML document you have to copy out it's code.

Why do I need to write an entity of the character?

You might be asking yourself, why can't you just copy-out the whole symbol? Why do you need it's entity HTML code? And I'll tell you why. Because the browser may get the encodings wrong. One symbol might show up as another, or as and unknown character. It may even mix-up with the preceding character if the browser will get it wrong. I'm sure you wouldn't like such user-experience on your site.

Text symbols are encoded into some numbers, and then interpreted by browsers as characters of some encoding system. When you write special characters that are outside of the standard 7-bit ASCII range straight into your HTML there are things to consider. If you'll just paste 3-byte characters of some encoding right into your HTML code, without "escaping" them (e.g. converting them to their symbol entity codes), you might get into big trouble. This is because HTML code should be written and read in ASCII encoding. If you'll paste the symbols from other encoding systems, like Unicode, or UTF-8, you may get browsers treating your several-byte symbols just like several different symbols. So remember to write your HTML source code plainly in ASCII. Instead of writing symbols, always write their entities.

That's why you should also remember to define a content-type meta-tag like <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">. It specifies the charset.

< &lt;
> &gt;
[ &#91;
] &#93;
( &#40;
) &#41;
{ &#123;
} &#125;
" &quot;
« &laquo;
» &raquo;
$ &#36;
£ &pound;
¥ &yen;
¢ &cent;
æ &aelig;
& &amp;
° &deg;
© &copy;
® &reg;
@ &#64;
§ &sect;
# &#35;
μ &mu;
Θ &Theta;
¤ &curren;
Δ &Delta;
ƒ &fnof;
π &pi;
± &plusmn;
÷ &divide;
× &times;
¹ &sup1;
² &sup2;
³ &sup3;
½ &frac12;
¼ &frac14;
¾ &frac34;
· &middot;

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You can convert words to cool/smart ones with Font generator. ;)